Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Farmer Glo

Howdy folks! This here is Farmer Glo! I am so busy tendin' to my virtual farm(on Facebook), that I have no time fer anythang else. Ain't that ther somethin'?!! Okay, enough of the farming talk. I can't do that for very long, but I know what I CAN do for a long time.....and that's farming on my virtual farm on Facebook! I am soooo addicted it isn't funny! I love harvesting my crops and trees and selling them to get more coins and then I can buy more stuff! It is so AWESOME!!! I seriously think that I need therapy.LOL Wonder what Dr. Phil would say...No telling. This is what happens...I will get in from work, church, or where ever we go that keeps me from my farm, and make sure Miranda is fed, set on a movie or something, and I am on the computer. First thing, is that I check my emails, then I go to my two blogs and see if I get more comments from my posts besides my dear and dedicated blogger friends....Jen and Amber.LOL Then I read the new posts on my list of blogs from my fellow bloggers.....after that, it's farmin' time ya'll...with a little bit of facebook reading and commenting too, but not too much. It's an addiction, especially for people like me with OCD problems....HELP! While I am waiting for help, I will be at my farm.

Ya'll come back now, ya here?!!!


  1. Howdy, Pardner!

    Girl, you are one crazy farmer. I haven't even checked out the ole' farm thing, because I KNOW that I would get hooked. And I FOR SURE don't need another thing to keep me on my computer any longer than I already am!!!

    It sounds fun, but I am staying away. Far far away.

  2. So fun! I myself haven't jumped in to the farming thing but I others who have. Beware! :)