Thursday, May 21, 2009

What A Day It Has Been!!!

I guess I need to put another post on here to look like I am an interesting person.LOL Well, this morning I was on my laptop working on my virtual farm on Facebook(I am sooooo addicted), and this thing pops up saying that I had all these virus' like Trojan, some kind of worm virus thingys and that all my personal things on here were going to be attacked! Well, I just freaked out! I didn't know what was going on. So I took my laptop with me to work and was planning on using my lunchbreak to find someone that could fix this problem. Then a co-worker of mine said that she had this same problem happen to her and she had her son restore it like a few weeks back. I have no idea what all that means. All I know is that she fixed it....I suppose, because I am on it now and nothing wrong is happening(cross my fingers)!

So, then I am at work and I am just having problems researching things on this banking website. I cannot go into detail because of the privacy law, but this website is a place where you can post questions in certain forums that these banking guru's can usually answer you back and help you out. Well, I don't have much luck with these people. They must think I am either stupid and don't want to waste their precious time answering me, or I have stumped them, or they just flat out think I have a disease or something. So, I go ahead and call my boss that works at a Benton branch. I told her that I tried to research on this question that a loan assistant had and I am not getting answers from these people. She answers my question and we move on. Other things happened that I once again cannot go into detail, so we will change the subject.

Later, right before 5:00, I decided to use the little girl's room before I leave work and go pick up Miranda from daycare. I try to always take my cell phone with me in case my husband calls before he goes into work or my Mom calls or my Dad....anyway....I set it on top of that little stainless steel thingy that you dispose of your Aunt Flow's clothes if you know what I mean. Well, I forgot it when I went back to my desk not even realizing it until one of my co-workers heard it buzzing and was wondering what it was. Well, she went into the next stall, and there it was. It is a good thing it was buzzing, because I would have left the bank without it. This is my primary phone too....we got rid of our land line a few years ago. So it's pretty important that I have it. I thank her over and over again and she said that your mother-in-law called. So, I check my voicemail and she is telling me that she is at the Sonic in Gurdon(her 2nd home) and her car won't start. She said that I need to come and get her to take her home which is also in Gurdon. I am in Arkadelphia in the bank parking lot. I call her back and she tells me that I need to come get her. Well, I told her where I was and that I still have to go get Miranda and then go straight to Gurdon to get her. I was suppose to get groceries, but I left my list at home this morning, so she was lucky on that part.

Well, the rest is really not that I will stop. Now I am here, wondering what Miranda and I are having for supper since I didn't get groceries. Pancakes sounds good right now.....or maybe eggs?!! I need to go now and check on my virtual farm! I love harvesting my crops and selling them to get more coins. You just won't understand until you try it yourselves.


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  1. Whew. I'm tired just reading about your day. I've had plenty of those everything-goes-wrong days. PLENTY!!!

    And breakfast for supper is my favorite!!! Love it!!